Nexco Networks | SIP Trunking
Nexco Networks' competitive advantage in proving business internet services lies in our partnership with dozens of telco's while owning a private network.
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SIP Trunking

Flexible and cost effective digital lines delivering crystal clear voice.



SIP Trunking is an ideal way for businesses to transit to using digital voice services while retaining existing systems. It utilizes the latest in telecom innovation to deliver voice services and digital lines to an IP-PBX or to an existing PBX. These circuits are delivered over a private and secure connection to the ensure highest level of quality. Telecom network infrastructure is a key tool for any business and Nexco Networks’ SIP Trunks give any company true flexibility and scalability that ultimately help one’s business manage it’s day to day operations.

Reduce Costs

Enjoy the cost savings of merging your local long distance and broadband Internet services for a low monthly cost. As well as reduce the maintenance and downtime costs compared to a traditional PBX.

Enhance your Investment

Take advantage of all the features and more with a seamless integration from one's existing phone system, PBX, Key system or IP-PBX.


SIP Trunks can be geographically spread out, so one can pool lines from multiple locations all merged onto one monthly bill.


As one of the only network providers in Canada to provide “Burstable” Business Lines (BBLs), we allow your business to make additional incoming or outgoing calls, even if all lines are busy.

Outstanding Support

Our technicians, installation teams and support specialists understand your business and provide quick and responsive support when needed. We are easy to reach via email or our 1-877-7NEXCO7

Upgrading Your Service

Adding more SIP Trunks is simple and quick. Our technicians can turn this on remotely, simply, give Nexco Networks a call.

How it Works

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.52.54 PM



For IP-Ready Systems

Organizations who already have IP-enabled PBX systems should enjoy easy module integration with Nexco Network. All SIP trunks have been tested and pre-configured to function with many brands and models allowing quick and efficient setup of next-generation digital lines.

For Existing PBX/Key Systems

Even if working on an analog system, one can still enjoy the advantages of IP services by installing an IAD (Integrated Access Device), an adaptor which allows voice and data to be streamlined through existing telephone equipment.

The IAD is a cost-effective way to transition over to the IP world and allows a business to enjoy lower telephony costs and IP-enabled features.

Both methods have been designed to be simple and seamless, requiring no adjustment to business processes. Since there isn’t any front-end system changes, there is also no need for employees to be re-trained.


  • UDP & TCP

  • HD Voice Quality

  • e911

  • 800 Toll-Free Inbound

  • Toll Fraud Protection

  • Flexible service plans (Local, Unlimited Long Distance, Metered)

  • Number portability (Keep your number regardless of where your PBX is located or is moving to)

  • Analogue, Digital or IP-PBX compatible

  • Voicemail and Voicemail to Email

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Call Waiting, Call Forward, Hunt Groups

  • Caller ID with Name

  • G.711 and G.729a Codecs

  • 411 and Operator Services



SIP Trunking plans starting at $24.95/month (including call waiting, call forwarding, conference, call display)