Nexco Networks | Case Studies
Nexco Networks' competitive advantage in proving business internet services lies in our partnership with dozens of telco's while owning a private network.
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Case Studies

There are many ways in which you can use Nexco Networks to enhance and improve your business communications. The links below present idebome of the ways that our customers have taken advantage of the unique hosted PBX service, particularly in contrast to using a traditional hardware PBX phone systems, which are challenging to connect to extensions outside of the main business location. To download these case studies, click on the links below.


Scalability According to Seasonal Traffic and Demands

Routing calls intelligently and quickly from an average of 25 toll-free numbers, Award Vacations also employs virtual fax, voicemail, ACD queues, and call preview detail to curate memorable experiences.


Advertise in 50+ Cities with Local Numbers

Automatic call recording and tracking is easily accessed and helps pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of promotional endeavors for each city served by COMPANY


Manage Four Autonomous Office Locations as One

Consolidated reporting, reduced long-distance costs, and a system prepared for additional growth as it comes without the threat of additional maintenance
or hardware.


Professional Appearance and Functionality without the Cost

Employees reach remote counterparts as easily as coworkers down the hall, and by managing their own availability in our simple web portal, Company has grown xxx.