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Nexco Networks' competitive advantage in proving business internet services lies in our partnership with dozens of telco's while owning a private network.
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Business Internet Service

Reliable Connectivity Delivered on a Next Generation Network.


The internet has become a vital tool for all businesses. As a managed communications service provider, Nexco Networks believes in really understanding one’s business needs and delivering the best telecom solutions.

Personalized Solutions

One of our communications specialists will identify and assign a connection based on an in depth analysis of one's data usage, download/upload consumption and implement a seamless solution that will have you surfing, talking and creating business in no time.

Multiple Carriers

Nexco Networks' competitive advantage in proving business internet services lies in our partnerships with dozens of other telcos while owning a private network. In short, we will be able to provide the fastest DSL internet to dedicated fibers, up and ready to work for any business. If the service does not live up to one's satisfaction, it can easily be replaced with another carrier or circuit.

Multiple Locations

Nexco Networks can also provide different connections to one or multiple locations. Maybe a fiber for your headquarters? Or a simple DSL for the retail store? Crawl the web at your own pace.



Starting at
59.99 / Month
  • Download: 6.0 MBPS
  • Upload: 0.8 MBPS


Starting at
79.99 / Month
  • Download: 16 MBPS
  • Upload: 7.0 MBPS


Starting At
99.99 / Month
  • Download: 50 MBPS
  • Upload: 10 MBPS


Starting At
149.99 / Month
  • Download: 100 MBPS
  • Upload: 30 MBPS


Starting At
199.99 / Month
  • Download: 200 MBPS
  • Upload: 30 MBPS

Unlimited Bandwidth Included With All Plans

Direct Fiber to Your Business

Nexco Networks can provide a direct fibre connection to your business in select areas. Enter your postal code to find out if a connection is available in your area.

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